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Calathea is a genus of flowering plant belonging to the family Marantaceae. Different types of calatheas are commonly called calatheas or prayer plants. About 200 species formerly assigned to Calathea are now in the genus Goeppertia. There are several dozen species in this genus.

How to Care Calathea

Calathea is a genus of neotropical rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plants that are known for the unique leaf movements of patterned foliage (more on that below). Calatheas are also considered pet-friendly, making them great plant picks for anyone that shares a space with curious pets.In the tropics (mostly Brazil), colorful calathea leaves are used for handicraft and food wrapping. Because of the diversity of the leaf shapes, baskets are weaved with the lanceolate leaves, and food is wrapped with the wider leaves. These colorful leaf markings also make them popular houseplants, and their popularity has been growing. The Calathea veitchiana ‘Medallion’ (Medallion calathea), Calathea lancifolia (Rattlesnake calathea), Calathea ornata (Pinstripe calathea), and Calathea roseopicta 'Dottie' (Calathea Dottie) are some of the most popular species.

Calathea Sprywhite vs Calathea Medallion

Calathea sprywhite is the Most urban dwellers know the struggle of finding the perfect plant that not only adds greenery to your indoor space but also thrives within the conditions that we can provide for it. Beautiful or ornate foliage plants often have restrictive light requirements, leaving us with fewer options.Calathea Medallion AKA Calathea veitchiana is arguably one of the most beautiful low-light plants. They are pretty popular to plant enthusiasts because of their large, "medallion"-like leaves: a brilliant green pattern on top, and a deep burgundy underneath. However, I do not recommend this plant for beginners or busy bees because it requires a bit of extra TLC to keep this plant happy and healthy. Read on to learn simple plant care tips and solutions on how to care for your Calathea Medallion.